Submissions for Year 3 is now closed. 

This upcoming summer 2016 we will be traveling to Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Dates are July 9 – 19, 2016. 

Below are behind the scene shot of our visits last summer to artists living and working in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.


Ellie Honl – Bloomington, Indiana



Emmy Lingscheit – Kohler, Wisconsin @ John Michael Kohler Arts Center Artist/Industry Program



Jason Ackman – Rushville, Illinois



Jenniffer Omaitz – Kent, Ohio



Jessica Anderson – Jacksonville, Illinois



Mellissa Redman – Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Story

The idea of doing a studio visit is something that has been done over and over by gallerists, curators, artists, the public, and collectors. As an art educator I often reflect on what exactly am I exposing my students to? Old Masters = check. Elements and Principles of Design = check. Gallery artists = check. Museum artists = check. I’m sure you are getting the picture. There are many resources out there that are being utilized in the classroom, but I often wonder is it enough? Is the dialogue one-sided based on the resource used? Are my students whom are on the receiving end of the information given the opportunity to engage in conversation with the author or artists?

Early 2014 I conducted a survey asking art educators from across the state a series of questions focusing on the implementation of Contemporary Art within their curriculum. To my surprise many educators stated that local and regional [contemporary] artists were not utilized due to the following reasons: time, limited budget and funding, not knowing where to look and “too many things on their plates” to even begin planning. These responses inspired me to continue with the MAS Project. 

Rather than reinventing the wheel and introducing educators to an array of artists and their works from across the Midwest we decided to focus on an area that we believe can have a huge impact on today’s [art] students and that is Art Education. This focus introduces educators to artists living in the Midwest by bridging the gap between art teachers and artists, artists and students, students and teachers. What is also important is exposing these students to the life of an artist after high school or college. 

Midwest Map

Looking ahead

Gray Dot: Summer 2016 – North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.


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