Kate Robertson – Ann Arbor, Michigan


I am extremely excited to be heading into Year 2 of the 3 year project, the Midwest Artist Studios™ (MAS) Project. I will be traveling from July 26 through August 1, 2015 to the following artists/cities/states – Mellissa Redman, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Kate Robertson, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Jenniffer Omaitz, Kent, Ohio; Ellie Honl, Bloomington, Indiana; Jessica Anderson, Jacksonville, Illinois; and Jason Ackman, Rushville, Illinois. In mid-August I will be visiting the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s Arts/Industry to document Emmy Lingscheit, who is one of our featured 2015 MAS artists and a current artist in resident. In late September, I will finish our documentation/research by visiting Krista Svalbonas, Chicago, Illinois and Emmy Lingscheit, Urbana, Illinois. 

The artists selected were based on their responses to an online survey focusing on Art Education, body of work, and a Skype interview. 

Throughout our visits I will be introducing you to 8 amazing and talented artists from the Midwest working in printmaking to painting, sculpture to mixed media and collage to installation art.

Click here to read a collaborative reflection from this past school year’s MAS Project. 

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Here are two of the questions asked on our survey and the artist’s response.

Please share one positive Art Education experience that you had in middle school, high school or college.

 I think my artistic path has been aided in countless ways by instructors and individuals with a desire to share their excitement and knowledge on how to be a maker. Without these wonderful mentors at all stages of my life I would not have found such a fulfilling career in the arts. I hope to be a leader in passing that energy on to others.

Why is Art Education today?

As a part of a non-profit art center I continual see not only the need but the desire within my community for quality Art Education. As these programs continue to be cut from schools the need and desire for them does not go away. We are also collaborating and working to provide a place where individuals of all ages can have the ability to incorporate technology into their art practice.

Kate Robertson


Kate Robertson creates objects that establish an intimate viewing experience and question the ways we interpret incomplete information. By exploring the dichotomy between interior and exterior spaces her  intention is for the viewer to be engaged in a space separate from their body. The inability to simultaneously see the exterior and interior allows her to broach notions of fragmentation, cropping and collage. She likes to approach the interior spaces with a sense of exploration and a connection the venue in which they are to be displayed.


Kate received her BFA from Minnesota State University in Moorhead Minnesota with an emphasis in sculpture as well as a minor in Art History. She is currently the Director of Education at the Ann Arbor Art Center and is preparing for a large contemporary outdoor art exhibition taking place in downtown Ann Arbor this October.


All images copyright of the artist and used with their permission. 

Introducing the Midwest Artist Studios 2015 featured artists


MAS2015_announcementThe Midwest Artist Studios Project is proud to announce its 2015 featured artists. They are Jason Ackman (IL), Jessica Anderson (IL), Ellie Honl (IN), Emmy Lingscheit (IL), Jenniffer Omaitz (OH), Mellissa Redman (MI), Kate Robertson (MI), and Krista Svalbonas. We were impressed with their perspective on art education today and the work that they are producing. The final interview took place via multiple Skype sessions. Although they were given time to make a decision whether or not they would be interested in participating in this project they all said, “Yes!”, immediately. 

The MAS Team will be traveling through the Midwest later this summer. 

We are looking forward to getting to know these artists better as the summer progresses as well as being invited into their studios. 

Some new additions to the MAS Project will be View from the Road by the MAS Team and a special studio visit with Emmy Lingscheit at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center Arts/Industry Program. 

Check out our featured artists’ work by clicking on their names listed above. 

This 2015 MAS Project is supported by a grant from the National Art Education Foundation, Kohler Foundation, Inc., and the Wisconsin Art Education Association.