MAS 2016

Another collection of photos taken by the MAS krew. View from the Road 2016. 

This marks the end of our 3-year project. To date we traveled over 5000+ miles, 18 cities/towns, 12 states to visit the studios of 24 artists from the Midwest.  During our journey we have seen quite a bit, met a lot of fabulous people, ate our way through the Midwest, and developed deeper friendships with one another as well as the artists we met. The MAS Team consists of Erika Block, Pat Ryan, Jonathan Fritsch, and Frank Juarez. 

Photos by Pat Ryan. 

MAS 2015

Another collection of photos taken by the talented Pat Ryan. View from the Road 2015. 

MAS 2014

Here is a collection of photos that were taken during our summer 2014 MAS road trip. 

Photos by MAS photographer, Pat Ryan. 



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