MAS artists at the Farwell House


The Midwest Artist Studios Project is pleased to announce its partnership with MAS artist, Jason Ackman and the Farwell House. The Farwell House created an artist in residency program. 

Its second segment of the AiR Program welcomes two MAS artists hail from Omaha, Nebraska. The Farwell House hosted an open studios event with Lori and Rachel on Sunday, June 25 from 2-4pm. 

We wish Jason a successful summer at the Farwell House and its artist in residency program.

Thank you for including us in this new initiative.

About the artists

Lori Elliott-Bartle is a painter and printmaker inspired by big skies and open landscapes, travel and daily life. She simplifies shapes, saturates them with color and highlights them with contrast. Much of her work focuses abstractly on the prairie. Each day she takes a look at the patch of big bluestem growing in her small, urban front yard. This graceful, resilient plant reminds her of the subtle changes in color, texture, and line that Nebraska’s native prairie landscapes provide.

Mixing oil paint and softened beeswax allows her to create paintings that hold depth, complexity and texture, some of the same qualities about the prairie that she appreciates. Her painting process is physically active using rollers, wide blades and brushes to apply paint, then blot, scrape and carve with knives and points to reveal underlying colors. These lines and colors convey motion and emotion.

Rachel Mindrup is a professional artist and Resident Assistant Professor at Creighton University. She received her BFA from the University of Nebraska – Kearney and then continued with atelier studies at the Art Academy of Los Angeles. She received her MFA from the Art Institute of Boston. Her current painting practice is about the study of the figure and portraiture in contemporary art and its relation to medicine.


AiR Photos

Courtesy of Jason Ackman and the Farwell House. 


To learn more about the Farwell House click here