The Last Revel becomes the Midwest Artist Studios Music of Choice


a1274387985_10On Monday, August 4th, the Midwest Artist Studios (MAS) Crew had its second studio visit of the day with Minneapolis-based artist, Vincenzio Donatelle. As we approached the address we noticed a thin man wearing a dark gray fedora, sunglasses and a white painted apron. We parked and he greeted us with a smile. 

He gave us a tour of his house showing us some of his artwork before taking us into his studio, which was his basement. The basement reminded me of college basement –  full of stuff. However, he had a dedicated space where he made his art. 

As he was talking about his work he also talked about his music. Vincenzio plays in a band called The Last Revel.  He sings, plays the stand-up bass and fiddle. Being music lovers, we wanted to hear what type of music he played so we bought a CD, “Uprooted”.

Today as we were driving from Oskaloosa, IA to Kansas City, MO decided to play “Uprooted“. It was a perfect combo of cruising I-35S and listening to Folk/Americana music. The coolest part was knowing the artist who is also a musician topped with the experience we had  listening and watching him talk about his creative process. 


As a team we decided to make The Last Revel’s “Uprooted” CD as our official road trip music of choice. It was a nice experience that we wanted to remember as we continue to travel the Midwest.

You can listen to The Last Revel’s music at  and follow them on facebook at

To listen to their music click here. 

To view their calendar click here. 

All images copyright of the artist and used with their permission. 


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