Midwest Artist Studios™ Catalog and Workbook Released January 2015


masthumbsWe are happy to announce that the Midwest Artist Studios™ Catalog and Workbook will be released in early January 2015. Just a few more minor touches and off to the printer it goes. 

Since my presentation at the Wisconsin Art Education Association Fall Conference in late October I have been talking to several artists, art teachers, and art professors about this project. The more and more I talk about this project, the more I get excited. Such a fabulous resource for every art/classroom in the Midwest and beyond. 

What started off as an idea reflecting on the last school year and increasing Literacy within my classroom has developed into a project that encompasses two passions, contemporary art and art education.

A big thanks to the following MAS artists: Josh Wilichowski (MN), Vincenzio Donatelle (MN), Jane Ryder (IA), Jamie Bates Slone (KS), Catie Miller (KS), Todd Mrozinski (WI), Paula Schulze (WI), Josie Osborne (WI), Suzanne Torres (WI), to my MAS Krew, Erika Block (writer, editor, publisher), Pat Ryan (photographer), and Jonathan Fritsch (assistant), and to the Kohler Foundation, Inc, Wisconsin Art Education Association, and Sheboygan North High School for their support. 

What we need now is your help to promote this innovative project. 

The best way is to share this post with them or just give them our website, midwestartiststudios.com. 

Ways to share this project:

  • Catalog: artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, family, galleries, art museums, arts centers, and friends.
  • Workbook: artists, art teachers, core teachers, administration, IMC specialists working in private, public, and home school settings. 

If you like to be added to our waiting list for the catalog and/or workbook all you have to do is email Frank at midwestartiststudios(at)gmail.com and type in the subject box: MASCatalog or MASWorkbook or MASBoth. We will be printing a limited amount of catalogs and workbooks for sale. 

All monies will go towards funding part deux: Summer 2015. We will be visiting IL, IN, OH, and MI. 

Stay tuned for prices and a specific release date. 


Click here to download the MAS Poster.

This project would not be possible without the support of the Kohler Foundation, Inc., the Wisconsin Art Education Association and Sheboygan North High School. 


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